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Welcome to Ann's Horsemanship

Classical & Intuitive Horse Training!



Ann Turner

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I am now working out of Miellie Meadows in Agassiz.  I am very happy to be partnering with someone I have worked with on a professional level for over 10 years doing hoof rehab at Wit’s End when I lived on Sumas Mountain.  Miel and I share a common goal of the holistic health of the horse.  We understand that all systems work together in order for total health to occur. Jumping

Here's What it's all About

As a horse owner, you are blessed with owning an animal of great beauty, power and authenticity. If we can learn to approach horses as a partner and not a possession, we can learn things about ourselves that we never knew, and we can grow in ways we never thought possible.  It’s a challenge, but the journey is so worth it.

Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation:
As a Sports Massage Therapist for over 30 years, my first concern is that your horse is not in pain, or experiencing compromised movement or lameness because of old injuries and accidents.  Many good horses get passed over or sold because the source of their issues has never been fully addressed. Let me help you bring your horse back in balance, from a physical and emotional standpoint, and re-establish the  mind/body connection.

When faced with training issues – my first thought is to “eliminate physical cause first”.  I always look at the horse from a physical point of view first – are they free of pain so they can be trained?  It’s a policy of mine to get the body working correctly first so that the training can progress without a hitch.
I am now working out of Miellie Meadows as an instructor, using a string of wonderful school horses. I teach both adults and children, beginner through advanced, either private or group lessons are available.

I have a good lunge/school horse who is wonderful and who can help you gain your confidence and skill as a rider, at the same time as working with your own horse.  This is especially useful for older students who have not ridden for years and need to get in shape, or younger ones needing to learn on a schoolmaster, so they can practice riding with no stirrups to achieve a well balanced and supple seat. This is the foundation of riding.  Training is about educating the owner/rider as to what the horse needs from you to be good at their job. 

Equine Psychology and Behavior:
For many years I have worked with abused and battered horses, and this experience has been my greatest teacher.  I am able to connect with the horse on an emotional level.  Due to the fact that I worked with heroin and cocaine addicted horses in Jamaica, I have had to learn to develop my intuitive skills to a much higher level than most people.  The challenges that these “the horses from hell” threw at me daily provided me with a very steep learning curve, where literally my life was in danger if I did not pay attention!  They tested my spirit, courage and openness to the limit, and I guess I passed the test, because I am still here and in one piece. I will always be grateful for the lessons I learned from those horses.

Mission Statement:
My mission is to help you understand what your horse needs from you in order to form a sound and satisfying partnership.  Safety and having fun are my next goal.  How we get there will be different for every horse/rider partnership, for everyone’s needs are different, and personality of course plays a huge role.  I look forward to working with you both.
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