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Welcome to Ann's Horsemanship

Classical & Intuitive Horse Training!

A Lifetime with Horses

Such is Life

"How do you save yourself when you're drowning?"


WOW! Loving the book...I was trying to save it for my Sunday morning lay in and read, but started it last night – you are amazing and inspiring.....

Patti, Florida
Whether you are a horse lover or not, this book is for everyone. Ann's experiences in life, good and bad, and the wisdom and insight she gained from it all, always keeping her sense of humour , made her who she is now - beautiful, strong, radiant and a joy to be around. I truly enjoyed your story......
Marie Wrede


So much so that I will start it again tonight for a second read through !
You have inspired me to maybe write one of my own!!
I knew that you are an amazing woman but now that I have read your book you have proven yourself to be even more AMAZING !!!!! Congratulations for finding yourself and following your dreams! You are an inspiration,
Ceri – Maple Ridge, Canada

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"The Horse Lady"

Ann Turner





NEW - An intimate 90-day riding and relationship building program

Riding from the Seat of Your Soul

Here’s a fact: if you love horses you are interested in finding your Power and going on Journeys.  Horses teach us about power and they take us on journeys, both emotional and physical.

Many people have had their lives totally changed by a horse, including me!

So are you Ready for the Journey?  Are you looking to feel Empowered?

Are you Afraid to ride your horse but won’t Admit it?

My new Signature Program “Riding From the Seat of Your Soul” can help!!  Learn how to build a Safe, Trusting and Sacred Relationship with your horse.

Gain Confidence, Feel Empowered, and Establish a deeper Connection!!

Your Competence Equals your Level of Confidence – let’s work on that Together!

Read More: read more


Certified Horsemanship Association
Ann's Horsemanship

Mounting Issues - Ann & Bentley Step 1

Fear of Mounting - Ann & Bentley Step 2

Neck & Muscle Issue - Safir - Step 1

Nervous Horse with Choppy Trot - Safir - Step 2

This Secretariat grandson took me to qualify for the
Dressage Short List in 1990 - Pan Am Games.

This program is not about a "quick fix" or trying to high tech a low tech animal. This is about developing the knowledge to see a total picture, and learning that everything is connected.

Success with horses depends on your ability to balance many aspects of life, not just training the horse.

Enlightened Horsemanship
is about gaining a new perspective on many levels. That is why

"Anns Horsemanship" is a total package of balancing the horses health - emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.

This horse became Canadian Endurance Champion in 1988.
Its time for you to embark on a journey towards personal growth and a new found relationship with your horse.

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